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Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for modifying Nylon,Deflamer®LFR-5006

Good cost performance, meet general flame retardancy of modifying nylon

White powder, high bulk density, low dust, high temperature resistance and non-migratory ; Mainly applied in nylon (PA6 & PA66 with glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced).


1.Used in glass fiber reinforced nylon (PA6、PA66 etc.) with good mechanical and electrical properties.

2. In glass fiber reinforced PA6 / PA66 , UL94-V0 ( 0.8-1.6mm) can be reached with dosage at 15-20% by different polymer grades, process conditions and glass fiber content.

3. Good thermostability and flame retardancy in a wide processing window.

4. It can be synergy with some other flame retardant to strengthen mechanical and electrical properties to meet the stringent demands in engineering plastic industry.

5. Finished product with LFR-5006 is recyclable.


Item Unit Specification
Phosphorous content %(w/w) 19.0-20.0
Bulk density g/cm3 0.40-0.70
Moisture(K-F) %(w/w) ≤0.3
Thermal decomposition temperature >320
Particle size(D50) μm 20.0-40.0

Packaging & Storage

20kgs in paper-plastic composite bag with PE liner.Seal and store in dry, dust-free and cool place;Shelf life:12 months.


Excellent cost performance

High flame retardant efficiency

Compliance with UL yellow card


Chemical analysis

Mechanical properties test

Flammability test

Plastic modification