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Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for modifying PA6/PA66//PPA/POK,Deflamer®️ LFR-8003

No Migration under high temperature and high moisture; Stable coloring

White powder, good fluidity, high hydrophobicity, high temperature resistance and non-migratory. It is mainly applied in nylon (PA6, PA66 and PPA with glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced).


1. Applied in nylon (PA6, PA66 and PPA with glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced) with excellent physical and electrical properties.

2. In glass fiber reinforced nylon, dosage of LFR-8003 at 13~16% by weight and synergy with nitrogen based flame retardant can well reach UL94-V0 (0.4mm) standard.

3. Good processability with less dust, environmentally friendly.

4. Higher thermostability and wider processing window. No color influence to polymers during process.

5. Finished product with LFR-8003 is recyclable.


Item Unit Specification
Phosphorous content %(w/w) 23.3-24.0
Bulk density g/cm3 0.40-0.60
Moisture(K-F) %(w/w) ≤0.20
Thermal decomposition temperature >350
Particle size(D50) μm 20.0-50.0

Packaging & Storage

25kgs in paper-plastic composite bag with PE liner;Seal and store in dry, dust-free and cool place;Shelf life: 12 months.


Good flowability

Non-discoloring under high temperature

Low molding deposits


Chemical analysis

Mechanical properties test

Flammability test

Plastic modification