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Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for PU leather coating adhesive

Deflamer®️ LFR-8001

Easy dispersion, stable viscosity & Low VOC

White powder, fine particle size, high hydrophobicity, solvent resistance and non-migratory. It is applied in oil/water based PU leather with good dispersibility and compatibility.


1. It is specially surface-treated and added in in synthetic fiber and polyurethane coating with good dispersibility and compatibility.

2. Excellent flame retardancy by UL94-V0 and FMVSS302 standards.

3. Good properties of weather, heat and migration resistance, no water stain on finished products. Specially used in auto interiors and seat leathers in bus, airline cabins and high speed train.

4. Good processability, no change to fluidity of resin to be well compatible with PU glue, High hydrolysis resistance and low VOC in according finished products.

5. Finished product with LFR-8001 is recyclable.


Item Unit Specification
Phosphorous content %(w/w) 23.3-24.0
Bulk density g/cm3 0.20-0.4
Moisture(K-F) %(w/w) ≤0.5
Thermal decomposition temperature >300
Particle size(D50) μm <10.0

Packaging & Storage

15kgs in paper-plastic composite bag with PE liner;Seal and store in dry, dust-free and cool place;Shelf life: 12 months.



No odor

No precipitation


Chemical analysis

Mechanical properties test

Flammability test

Plastic modification