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Solvent gravure packaging printing ink resin

VC copolymer MP45

Product Description

MP45 does not contain saponifiable ester bond and its combined chlorine atom is very stable, which makes the coatings perform well in water resistance, salt resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It has good blending properties with other resins and it has good solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons. MP45 produced strong dispersion and wettability to organic pigments, making the pigments fully demonstrate their primitive colors and metastatic. Besides, MP45 has good adhesion on BOPP、OPP、PET etc. plastic films.


Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, glycol ethers, and acetates.


Compatible with alkyd acrylic resin, hydrocarbon resins, and cyclohexanone adehyde resin.

These typical values should not be interpreted as specifications.

Solubility and compatibility should be tested in each individual case.


Packaging & Storage

1.20KGS/Paper bag .

2.Avoid being pressed during storage and transportation .Generally store in a cool,dry and ventilated place,keep storage?temperature around 20℃ or below.