Physical and chemical testing


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR)

It refers to the study of the absorption of radio frequency radiation by atomic nuclei, which is one of the most powerful tools for qualitative analysis of the composition and structure of various organic and inorganic substances, and sometimes can also be used for quantitative analysis.


Liquid chromatograph (LC)

An instrument that utilizes the difference in the distribution ratio of a mixture between liquid solid or immiscible liquids to separate the mixture first and then analyze and identify it.


Laser particle size analyzer

A particle size analyzer is an analyzer that measures, presents, and reports the particle size distribution of specific particles or droplet groups. Particle size analyzers play an important role in process development and particle system quality control, establishing efficient processes and achieving high-quality final products.


Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

A thermal analysis method. Measure the relationship between the power difference input to the sample and reference material (such as in the form of heat) and temperature under program controlled temperature.


Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

Thermogravimetric analyzer is an instrument that uses the thermogravimetric method to detect the temperature mass change relationship of a substance. Thermogravimetric method measures the relationship between the mass of a substance and temperature (or time) under programmed temperature control.

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