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Lishide combines the development of the industry era and independently develops innovative flame retardants to help customers overcome complex design and engineering challenges.

We assist in the fields of automotive leather and interior polyurethane soft foam, striving to bring innovative solutions to our key markets.

To protect electronic and electrical components, we provide high-quality solutions that act as lightweight, sturdy enclosures and protective covers.

We provide fire-resistant coating additive solutions to bring high-quality fire protection effects, excellent appearance, and long-term weather protection to our products.

We are committed to providing high-performance flame retardant solutions for the application of innovative thermosetting flame retardants in electronic appliances, helping industry leaders create efficient and reliable solutions.

Phosphate ester flame retardant

Product Description:

· High phosphorus content halogen-free flame retardant

· Benchmark DMMP (phosphorus content, 22-23%)

· Water/solvent mixing

· PU system with longer stability/storage time

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Ionic liquid flame retardant

Product Description:

· Organic phosphorus nitrogen ionic liquid FR

· Reactivity, maintaining Tg of epoxy resin.

· 3-4% dose - UL94V-0

· Used as a crosslinking agent

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