Application processing


Twin screw extruder

Twin screw extruder is a commonly used equipment for producing polymer materials. Its working principle is to melt and mix solid materials through the two rotating screws of the twin screw extruder, ultimately forming continuous plastic films, pipes, or profiles and other products.


HAPO rheometer

Rheometer is an instrument used to study the mechanical behavior of substances during flow. It can measure the rheological properties of a substance by applying a certain amount of stress or strain, including properties such as viscosity, elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity, etc.


Internal mixer

The full name of the internal mixer is the closed rubber mixer, also known as the kneading machine. It is a machine equipped with a pair of specific shaped and relatively rotating rotors that intermittently plastic and mix polymer materials in a closed state with adjustable temperature and pressure.


Injection molding machine

Injection molding machines are the main molding equipment that uses plastic molds to make various shapes of plastic products from thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics.

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