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Flame Retardant Recommend

Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for modifying PA6/PA66/PPA

LFR-5009 Low corrosion to screws, UL 94 V0(0.4mm),low mould deposites

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Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for modifying PA6/PA66//PPA/POK

LFR-8003 No Migration by high temperature and humidity, Non-discoloring

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Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for modifying PBT/PET/ PTT

LFR-8004 Excellent electrical property, UL94-V0@0.4mm

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VC copolymer resin Recommend

Solvent gravure packaging printing ink resin

MP45 for Solvent gravure packaging printing ink

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VC Copolymer resin for anticorrosive protective marine industrial coatings

VC copolymer MP15 MP25 MP35 MP45 MP60 used in marine ,container ,industrial application ,as well as road marking paints and coatings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FR has the performances of high-temperature resistance . Under the environment of high temperature and high humidity, it has the features of low precipitation, low scaling and less corrosion to twin screw.

Our FR achieves flammability standard for automotive interiors (US: FMVSS302; GB: GB8410; Canada standard: CMVSS302), which has good water resistant feature and passes jungle test to resist sweat, oil and milk. It has the advantages of low VOC, no flavor and no precipitation.

Our FR is mainly applied in polyimide CCL. It has the advantages of high hydrophobicity, good dispersibility, high flame retardant efficiency and good film-forming feature, which makes very low influence on the physical features to the original material.

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